About Me – Kito J Johnson

About Me

I’ve seen people waste tons of time and money on real estate investment training without ever investing in real estate. It just didn’t (and still doesn’t) make sense to me.

So I’m on a mission to help you Create Generational Wealth through Real Estate Investing WITHOUT investing years of your time, or massive amounts of money, before you actually invest in real estate.

As an active real estate broker, I specialize in building partnerships, training teams, and maintaining client relationships in the industry.

As an active investor, with over 1,000 real estate transactions under my belt, I have become a trusted educator and mentor to both new and seasoned investors.

If you’re looking for a greater sense of security concerning your, and your family’s, financial future, you’ve come to the right place and I’m the right person to help you.

There are hundreds of variations of real estate investing strategies you can learn. It can be overwhelming.

My goal is to help you figure out what strategy is best for you, your financial situation, and the current market you’re in. Then help you get the education that is customized for you.

Because no matter when you’re reading this, what your financial situation is, or what the market looks like…

There is a Real Estate Investing Strategy that fits your situation

I’ve made enough mistakes for you and me. From stumbling into being a landlord, over-renovating a home in the wrong area, to owning 17 properties. And then losing all of them but two.

But with a strong network, focus, consistency, and the right education I was able to rebuild my portfolio much larger than before. And build a team of over 20 people through my real estate brokerage, Buy n Sell Inc..

I am fulfilled by helping other people reach their goals.

  • There are enough real estate deals to go around for us all. My goal is to help you leverage the ones that are meant for you.
  • I provide motivated individuals different opportunities to get training, the right education, and mentoring around the nation.
  • During Buy n Sell’s monthly Meet-Ups, Atlanta’s top real estate experts and leaders share their greatest tips and secrets.
  • At The Generational Wealth Summit, entrepreneurs and real estate professionals from around the country get together for a day of empowering education and networking.

Here's What Others Have To Say

  • Eddie Pulliam
    Kito helped me close my first deal and since then he’s always been a person that I can go to to ask for advice, brush ideas off of, and really just to be a helping hand.
    Eddie Pulliam
  • YaRhonda Neel
    I have learned such a wealth of information that I have went out and applied so it’s helped me gain the confidence that I need as well as the education that I need to go out there and meet with different clients and approach them and know that I not only have the knowledge but the background in order to successfully complete the deals.
    YaRhonda Neel
    Realtor & Investor
  • Mark Spain
    I have always been impressed with Kito Johnson… he has a solid understanding of real estate investment property. He is reliable, dedicated, hardworking, and upbeat. Not to mention his strong work ethic. Kito has always demonstrated all of these qualities and more while working on our team.
    Mark Spain
    CEO, Mark Spain Real Estate