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Opportunity Zone Investing for All

At This Training Intensive, You will...

-Learn how EVERYONE can get started with opportunity zone investing

-Know the regulatory requirements for ultimate tax-free investments

-Understand how to combine OZ's with senior housing and short-term rental investing

-Identify ways to maximize the tax benefits of Opportunity Zone investing

PLUS! Kito Johnson sits down with Guest Speaker and Real Estate Wealth Strategist Amelia Thomas to give an immersive class uncovering the secret tax benefits of this REI method to help you maximize your investments. Register FREE for this special evening class now!

Wholesaling Real Estate: Legally Speaking with Joshua Rand

Know What You Are Doing Before Any Deal!

-Understand the Legal Side of Wholesaling

-Avoid Common Mishaps and Court-Dates!

-Secure Your Profits With Legal Secrets from the Pros

-Get the Blueprint for a Smooth Wholesale Deal

PLUS! Kito sits down with Joshua Rand of Rand & Associates to give investors the legal know-how from a Real Estate Attorney's expertise. You don't want to miss this!

Cash Flow From Senior Housing

Double Your Rent With Low Impact Tenants

-Rake in $5,000 - $15,000 per month with just a single-family home

-Lockdown a solid return no matter the market’s conditions

--Learn how to operate this type of business AND/OR collect rent

-Build Wealth AND serve our growing senior population

PLUS! Kito sits down with Eshonda Blue, RN, CEO and Jessica Wright, RN, COO of Innovative Senior Solutions who's going to show you exactly how it's done!

Success with Short Sales Vol. 2!

The Strategy That's Going To Earn You Thousands In Passive Income!

-How Does A Short Sale Work? (Get The Full Process)

-Lead Generation and Listing Parts

-The Rundown on Upside Down Leads (This Is Where The Profit Is!)

-Get Your Deal Approved Every Time!

PLUS! Kito sits down with REI Short-Sale Expert Yoni Kulter Who Will Teach You The Steps To Get Your Deal Approved Every Time!

Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Profit

Airbnb is the HOT topic on everyone's lips. Join me for the next Buy n Sell Atlanta to learn exactly how you can get in on this six-figure REI method.

Learn the Best Startegies on the Starting Process

-The Most Effective Tips For Beginners (Start Like a Pro!)

-Screening Guests (Don’t skip this step!)

-Becoming a Preferred Host (and maintaining 5-star Reviews)

-Marketing Your Rental

-Advice on Managing Multiple Units (You’ll have more than one!)

-And How To Make Six-Figure In Your First Year!

-Kito sits down with his son Youth Entrepreneur and 16-year-old Airbnb super host, Immanuel Johnson to discuss how to fast-track to six-figures with Short-Term Rentals

-Warning! There was over 100 investors at our previous Airbnb class. You don't want to miss this chance!

The 2019 Generational Wealth Summit Online


The Generational Wealth Summit is back - ONLINE - and ready to give you the secrets that the wealthy use to achieve and maintain multi-millionaire status over and over again. This Summit will be an impactful virtual wealth conference that will give you the power to bring yourself and your business to the NEXT LEVEL, and solidify an inheritance for your children’s children. The Generational Wealth Summit SOLD OUT on it’s first go-around!

Join me for 6 Days and 11 Complete Lessons!

Each day of The Summit you will learn new strategies from top finance, real estate, insurance & legal experts on where and how to start building wealth right now

Invest in real estate with no money or credit

-Leverage insurance to grow your business

And practical ways to finally go after your dreams.

-Warning! This is one week of FREE training you can't afford to miss!

Cracking The Code Of The 1%

Get Training On The Best Strategies To:

-Tap into Private Capitol

-Tax Hacks For the Real Estate Investor

-Make the Same Money Moves of the 1% to Become the 1%

-Safe-keeping Your Wealth

-Break Into Commercial Property

-Make Your Money Work While You Sleep!

-Kito sits down with Wealth Planner and founder of Empire Capital Ventures to discuss how to fast-track you to becoming an "Accredited Investor". Amelia Thomas will help you learn how YOU can break the tax code that's slowing you down.

-Warning! This Meetup is for investors who are serious about scaling their business!

Wholesale Mastery

Learn How to Make THOU$ANDS Flipping Real Estate Contracts with No Money or Credit

--Effective Marketing Moves That Move Sellers To Say ‘YES’ To YOU

--How To Maintain Deal Flow In An Unpredictable Market

--Choosing a Target Area And Blowing The Competition Out Of The Water

--How To Rake In Six-Figures Wholesaling This Year!

--Learn the deals, steals, and strategies to OWNING this method and raking in the big ones with all of the most important steps you need to start building wealth right now!

Real Life Real Estate Investing

Get the Realistic Rundown of Investing

-The Facts on Common Misconceptions Every New Investor Believes

-What the Real Numbers Look Like

-Common Renovation Mishaps

-The Pro Investors Checklist

-Bouncing Back from Bad Deals

& The Makeup of What the "Perfect Deal" Looks Like

with Real Estate Investor and Mentor Glen E. Glasper AKA "MrDollarOutofaDime" of Jabre Buys Houses

The State of the Market - The Future of Atlanta

Join me for the next Buy n Sell Atlanta to find out where this city's headed and how you can ride the waves of the market.

-What are the trends to look out for?

-Where are the Pro's investing?

-What's the driving force behind the growth?

-How should I shift so I am not left behind?

-Plus! Kito sits down with Special Guest, Vet Investor Malhar Bhagat.

-Register Now!

AirBNB Now! FAST TRACK TO Six Figures

Short Term Rentals has allowed investors to pay off mortgages, loans, and bring in six-figures renting out just one property!

-Understand the fundamentals of AirBNB

-Common mistakes to avoid

-Debunking AirBNB myths

-Market your property to gain high exposure and higher rates

-How to add units to your portfolio for Zero Down

-Be a leg above the rest with bonus offers

-Keep visitors coming back

-Generate thousands a night on your property

-Find out how much you can really make just from the Super Bowl alone

Airbnb Now or Now!

You've heard of the rising popularity of Airbnb. Join me for the next Buy n Sell Atlanta to learn exactly how you can get in on this money-making machine.

-Learn how short-term rentals really work.

-The best ways to generate income through this method.

-What the earning potential means for your wealth.

-& Best practices for the 5-star reviews!

This is the buzz everyone's talking about. You need to be here for it.

Show Me The Money!

Get ready for the financial meetup every investor needs!

-How do interest rates work for real estate investors?

-Are there options if I don't have cash or good credit?

-Do I qualify for a loan and how do I get approved?

-What does a timeline look like for this process?

-Get answers and pointers from a panel of Lenders!

Investing In The Hood 2.0 The Sequel: A FREE 3 Hour Strategy Training

-Finding and Flipping Properties in the Hood

-Real-life Examples of Kito's Popular PR 5-Step System

-How To Increase Appraisals

-Housing Authority Goldmine

-Meet the Lenders & Appraisers that get It Done!

PLUS Be there for the launch of Kito's latest book: Real Estate Wealth!

Includes Refreshments

Investing In The Hood 2.0 : A FREE 2-Day Event

Add $250,000 to your net worth in the next 12 months

-Find Properties in the Hood

-Purchase, Renovate, Rent & Refinance

-Choosing "Hood" Contractors

-Distinguish Rental vs. Retail Grade

Hear from my "Hood" Mentors & How they changed my entire strategy!

Come tour 2 of my renovation projects with me!

Let’s Talk:

-Timelines, Budgets, and Inspections

-My wins and my mistakes

-Project details and results

See the inside of a finished and unfinished house flip.

Learn terminology, material, types of inspections, and the people you need on your team to get the job done.

Keys to Massive Success

Let me debunk the myths that are holding you back

Learn to predict market waves and how to ride them successfully

Maintain a productive momentum

Know what to avoid so you don’t kill that momentum!


Listen in as I sit on a panel of some of Atlanta’s brightest in real estate investing, each weighing in at over 20 years in experience.

You need to hear what they have to say.

I'll see you at August’s Buy n Sell Atlanta.

Register for FREE today to learn only the most important nuggets.

The Language of Closing Artists

How many sales have you made over the past few months? Is it up to par with your abilities?

If not, how would you like to improve your sales chops?

Join me Tuesday, July 10th for the next Buy n Sell Atlanta.

Me and a team of closing artists- experts in the financial industry- will be discussing the true language of making a sale, how to talk to sellers, and how you can start finally racking up deals to increase income and build your portfolio.

Register FREE today and stop falling behind. It’s the middle of the year and it’s time to start meeting those goals you set for 2018.

Come prepared to take notes!

Probate Profits

Come prepared to take notes!

Success with Short Sales

Join us Tuesday, May 8th and learn the 'way of the Short Sale', it's pitfalls, the perils and how to get Approved!

What’s a short sale you might ask?? It’s when a mortgage holder is willing to discount a debt in order to sell a home in lieu of foreclosure.

Many investors try to negotiate short sales themselves. But they make big mistakes like submitting incomplete packages. Don’t get me wrong, this is common because the banks themselves can be unclear of what’s expected. It’s almost like a catch 22. How can you win?

The reality is that most short sales don't get approved and I’m going to tell you why. There’s plenty of mistakes to stop you from making your maximum return. Don’t lose out due to ignorance.

Learn why investors should NOT attempt to negotiate their own short sales.

AND I’ll show you my Ninja Short Sale Strategy for Wholesalers.

Meet me at Buy n Sell Atlanta… Tuesday, May 8!

Come prepared to take notes!

Quick Start to Real Estate Wealth 2018

This coming Saturday, April 21st, 2018 will be the 2nd QuickStart to Real Estate Wealth event.

We held our first QuickStart last fall and it was a huge success, with many newbie investors accomplishing their first few deals since that event!

Your attendance supplies you with physical takeaways, folders with personal scripts, guidelines, and instructions to help you to your first or next investment deals over the course of 6 months.

Kito will be there to dissect the puzzles, language, roadblocks, and pitfalls of investing that you absolutely MUST stay away from. Ask your questions, take your notes, and participate in exercises you’ll be using in the real world. You wanted to learn? Get ready for a day of intense training and solid expertise. And… lunch is on us! We'll see you in April.

Come prepared to take notes!

Straight - No Chaser!

I often say, “A smart man learns from his own mistakes but a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.”

Many will give you a list of things to do when investing in real estate, but what happens when you miss a step?

I want to share with you the BIGGEST, most CRAZY, and perhaps even STUPID mistakes that I’ve made over the past 20 years of real estate investing - and trust me, I’ve had plenty.

This will be in presentation format so notes will be easy and examples will be shown.

You’ll learn what cost me my first business (yes, it went belly up), how I lost 15 properties (my credit went to hades), and more importantly… what I learned the hard way so you don’t have to. I want you to skip the drama.

I’ve NEVER done a class like this before… BUT, as you continue to grow in your career in REI, I want to steer clear from some of the craziness that I fell into. Be a wise one, learn from another.

Pick My Brain 2018

Ask me anything!

  • I want to invest, but where do I get started?
  • What is the secret to wholesaling?
  • How do I identify a good investment?
  • What tools do I need to find the best deals?
  • Do I need a team to invest?
  • How does a hedge fund work?

Making it & Keeping it Tax Free Meetup 2018

We discussed making the new tax reform work for you last month.

Be a part of this next very important Buy n Sell Atlanta where I’ll show you the ease of IRA investing, how to gain tax-free returns on your investments, and secure your retirement with wholesaling. This can’t be done without a good team, so I’ll also provide you the keys to building the right partnerships for maximum success in the investing world.

Gain some of the best knowledge on investing tax-free and leveraging you IRA to boost your ROI.

Whether you have already begun investing or you have not gotten your first deal yet, this is NEED TO KNOW information.

Quick Start to Real Estate Wealth 2017

Join us for the QuickStart to Real Estate Wealth Event.

This is for you if you want to finally supercharge your real estate investment career!

We're bringing my team together to share with you the exact strategies Kito has used to complete over 1000 transactions. It doesn't matter if you're just getting started or you've been investing for years.

Quickly get moving to your next deal with little to no money or credit. There will be strategies for wholesalers and flippers, how to find motivated sellers who say YES, and where to find money!

Avoid flipping tragedies, blind spots, court dates and money pits.

Newbie Investor Edition 2017

Calling all new investors!

  • Move quickly to your first deal
  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts for new investors
  • Get the steps on how to do your first 3 deals over the next 6 months

Featuring a conversation with Kito’s real estate attorney and a few highly successful young bucks who work closely with Kito.

If you are a new investor you won’t want to miss this.

Generational Wealth Summit 2017

With a growing passion for generational wealth, Kito J. Johnson is also founder and host of one of the most impactful events of the year, The Generational Wealth Summit. This all-day event brings many motivated real estate professionals and entrepreneurs together from all over the country for this all-day, all-inclusive 8 hour event consisting of 14 industry panelists, 4-panel discussions, and 6 informative sessions.

Explore topics like property investing, renown experts will be covering the most effective strategies for funding your retirement, increasing profits in your business, maintaining the most advantageous lifestyle for entrepreneurs, obtaining financial freedom, and building generational wealth that will allow you to live off of your investments and leave an inheritance for your children’s children.