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Real estate transactions
under my belt and

My Mission is to Help You Create
Generational Wealth Through
Real Estate Investing

The serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, broker licensed
in multiple states, and CEO of Buy n Sell Inc.

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How to NOT Lose Money in Real Estate:
The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Investors Make

After over 20 years in the business of investing, training, and coaching, I’ve noticed a common thread of mistakes that newbies in the real estate business make. While these mistakes are common for those getting started, they are also easily avoidable. This resource uncovers the top ten mistakes that new investors make, as well as the most effective way to combat them!


Removing the Guesswork

Have you been interested in real estate but are still a little unsure of how to start? Does the idea of steady passive income excite you but the fear of losing your shirt terrify you? Have you wondered if you can really make it in real estate because you are starting later than you desired or you have limited money or challenged credit?

If you know that the real estate industry makes millionaires but aren’t sure how or where to jump in the game, Real Estate Wealth is your shot! Dive deep with Kito into the processes, procedures, and protocols necessary to remove the guesswork and help you build a solid and sustainable real estate portfolio regardless of your experience.


Real Estate Wealth debuted on Amazon's Best Seller's List at #6 on the day of release and within hours it became #1 in Investments, Investing Basics and the Buying and Selling Homes categories.

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Seasoned Real Estate Investor | Serial Entrepreneur | Creator of Sustainable Wealth

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The 10 Biggest Mistakes New Investors Make

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